10 Years of R&D Collaboration

CSD and Syngenta - 10 Years of R&D Collaboration

The FastStart™ Cotton Program was established as a partnership between Cotton Seed Distributors (CSD) and Syngenta to focus research on improving the establishment and subsequent yield potential of Australian cotton crops.

The Program is funded through a contribution from the sale of CSD seed treated with Syngenta’s Seedcare range. Through their purchase of cotton seed, growers have contributed more than $3 million to the FastStart Research and Development Fund since 2009. This has contributed towards over 50 research projects focussed on the challenges of crop establishment; developing technologies, chemistry and management solutions for the Australian cotton industry.

10 achievements in 10 years

BION® was first identified by Dr Stephen Allen (CSIRO) and researched as a seed treatment tool for the suppression of black root rot and Fusarium wilt, as part of an integrated management program in cotton.

BION® is a plant activator which turns on the plant’s natural defences to resist disease infection. It improves establishment and protects against seedling diseases such as:

  • Black root rot:
    • 25% reduction in disease incidence
    • 9.5% increase in seedling size at 3 weeks
  • Fusarium wilt:
    • 16.5% reduction in disease incidence
    • 6.4% improvement in plant stand
    • 3.9% increase in seed cotton yield

VIBRANCE® COMPLETE is the combination of VIBRANCE® CST and BION®. Together they offer the most comprehensive protection against cotton seedling diseases and have been widely adopted across cotton growing regions in Australia.

Above: Dr Stephen Allen.
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