FastStart Cotton Establishment Awards

The 2023/2024 FastStart Cotton Establishment Awards are still OPEN for growers in Far North QLD, NT and WA!

Entries have now closed for NSW and QLD (exc. FN QLD).

Now open to growers across Australia’s cotton valleys, there’s 11 prizes for regional winners in the form of $1000 gift cards to Total Tools.

Focused on the pivotal first 70 days of cotton crop establishment, FastStart™ partners CSD and Syngenta will review the entries throughout the course of the season. On top of the $1000 regional prize, the two overall winners will also receive a Kincrome tool kit for their ute or workshop valued at nearly $5000 each.

​It is super simple to enter the FastStart Awards and to help we’ve broken down the entry process…

  1. What you’ll need – a tape measure that is at least 5m long and something to record your plant counts on (pen and paper, phone, back of a receipt, you get the gist).
  2. What you need to do – count the number of viable plants over 5 liner metres for each row (aka planter box) across three runs. And don’t forget to take a selfie in your crop, or you if you’re camera shy just a photo of your crop will suffice!
  3. How you enter – complete the form on the FastStart website by entering your contact details, your crop details, and your plant counts.

Entries are judged on a combination of the establishment percentage and Planter Uniformity Index (PUI) of each eligible crop.

Are you an agent, agronomists or consultant wanting to enter on behalf of your valued grower? And be in with a chance to received a $200 voucher for you efforts?

Congratulations to our 2022-2023 winners!

As part of the FastStart Cotton Program, Cotton Seed Distributors and Syngenta are offered one irrigated and one dryland cotton grower a Kincrome Upright Truck Tool Box Tool Kit (232 piece). Eleven runner up prizes were also on offer for each of the eleven cotton growing regions in Australia, with each these growers to receive a Total Tools gift card valued at $1000.

Major prize winners | 2022-23 FastStart Cotton Establishment Awards

Dryland – Neil Schimke, Gatton QLD
Irrigated – Matt Richards, Nobby QLD

Regional winners | 2022-23 FastStart Cotton Establishment Awards

Central QLD – Matt Anning, Emerald, Irrigated
Balonne River, QLD – Scott Brimblecombe, St George, Irrigated
Darling Downs, QLD – Hamish Bligh, Brookstead, Irrigated
South-East QLD – Wayne & Noel Keller, Patrick Estate, Irrigated
Far-North QLD – Brett Lewis, Mareeba, Irrigated
Macintyre Valley, NSW – Will Coulton, North Star, Dryland
Gwydir Valley, NSW – Will Carrigan, Moree, Irrigated
Namoi Valley, NSW – James Tydd, Wee Waa, Dryland
Macquarie Valley, NSW – Sinclair Steele, Warren, Irrigated
Southern NSW – Joe Dal Broi, Benerembah, Irrigated
Northern Australia – Myles Gorman, Kununurra, Irrigated