And the winner is…

The kind of people who win guessing competitions fall somewhere between ‘gifted guesser’ and ‘supremely lucky’.

More than 250 people entered the Vibrance CST guessing competition at the 2018 Cotton Conference, so there was no shortage of interest.

Jammed into that humble jar was a staggering 13,651 seeds.

And the winner (drum roll please) was Katie Ledingham, Alice Down Farms, Moree. Katie was closest to the mark with her guess of 13,697 seeds.

The prize was a RM Williams voucher worth $545, redeemable as a pair of boots or clothing to the same value.

“When we launched the Vibrance CST guessing competition we had no idea it would turn out so popular,” said Syngenta Senior Territory Sales Manager, Gwydir and Border Rivers Regions, Andrew Dayas.

“There were some wild guesses among the entries but Katie was remarkably close to the mark.

“Congratulations, Katie, we’re sure you will put the RM Williams gift voucher to good use.”

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