Seed Treatments

Vibrance Complete from is a fungicide seed treatment offer jointly developed by Cotton Seed Distributors and Syngenta under the FastStart program which is sponsored by growers. Vibrance Complete offers growers a superior crop establishment solution which is supported by research, disease surveys and grower feedback.

Vibrance Complete combines the activity of five active ingredients to provide broad spectrum disease control that ensures that the crop receives the best start, enhancing crop establishment and yield potential. Azoxystrobin, Fludioxinil, Metalaxyl-M, Sedaxane & Acibenzolar-S-methyl are the key active ingredients in Vibrance Complete that make Vibrance Complete so potent on disease.

Apart from controlling seedling diseases such as seedling damping off caused by pythium spp. and Rhizoctonia solani, Vibrance Complete induces the natural plant defence mechanism of cotton plants that increases the plant resistance to certain diseases such as fusarium wilt and black root rot. Vibrance Complete activates all treated plants in the field uniformly and becomes an important part of an integrated disease management program.

The significant benefits of Vibrance Complete include:

  • A comprehensive disease management solution to enhance establishment.
  • Improved plant stands. Comprehensive trials show a 27% increase over untreated seed and 4% increase over Dynasty Complete treated seed.
  • Reduced risk of replant from uneven or inadequate plant stands.
  • Faster crop emergence.
  • Improved early crop development.
  • Enhanced early plant vigour.
  • Reduced disease incidence.
  • Improved yield potential.
  • The new benchmark in early season control

    CRUISER EXTREME seed treatment makes in-furrow granular insecticides obsolete. It delivers comparable control of sucking and soil-dwelling pests in the convenience and flexibility of a seed treatment. There’s no need for special equipment, calibration or refilling - and no worries about operator safety.

  • Robust protection against aphids, thrips and wireworms
  • Comparable performance as in-furrow granular insecticides
  • Convenient seed treatment – No extra equipment, calibration or refilling needed – Reduced worker exposure
  • Reduced risk of replant from poor plant stands
  • Gets your crops out of the ground, faster

    CRUISER 600 provides long-lasting residual control of aphids, thrips and wireworms. Affected pests cease feeding almost immediately and starve to death within 24 hours. The active ingredient in CRUISER 600 is seven times more soluble than other treatments, making it the logical choice for dryland cotton.

  • Long-lasting control of sucking and soil-dwelling pests
  • Rapid uptake and systemic activity
  • Forms protective ‘halo’ around the seed
  • High solubility ideal for dryland cotton