FastStart Accreditation Course

About the Accreditation Course

The FastStart Accreditation Course aims to equip advisors (e.g. consultants, agronomists and rural retailers) and on-farm staff in the cotton industry with the principles and tools to facilitate best practice cotton crop establishment. Questions are short answer or multiple choice and the course can be stopped and restarted as required.

Developed to be completed with support from the FastStart Cotton Establishment Guide, the program looks to improve the knowledge base around making planting decisions and achieving the best possible plant stand.

Consisting of 40 questions, the course is also part of the Crop Consultants Australia (CCA) accreditation program, whereby members can gain points by successfully completing the course. Non-members are also welcome to complete the course, with the suggestion to include it as part of an on-farm induction for new employees, and/or an upskilling information update for existing farm workers.

It is recommended to have the FastStart Cotton Establishment Guide on hand – it can be downloaded from this website or is available from either CSD or Syngenta. Once the course is completed it will be marked and your result will be emailed to you.

You will need to obtain a score of at least 35/40 to pass. If you passed you will be able to download your certificate of completion and our records will show that you have passed. If you fail the course you can try again as many times as you need.

About the guide

The FastStart Establishment Guide focusses on irrigated cotton production systems and provides practical information on the key management steps required to ensure growers achieve the optimum plant stand. Rain-fed (dryland) cotton production has many similarities and CSD has specific information on dryland cotton production systems at downloaded from this website.