Ten tips to get your cotton off to a FastStart

1. Prepare fields early
  • Create a firm well structured seed bed.
  • Free of weeds and impediments in the planting line.
2. Don't let nutrition be a limiting factor
  • Test you soils and know your levels.
  • Know the yield target you want to achieve.
  • Have a strategy for fertilizer application to achieve your goal.
3. Select the right variety for your conditions
  • Know your seed quality before planting and adjust sowing rates accordingly.
  • Use an effective seed treatment to control insect pests and soil borne diseases.
4. Be ready to go don't let your planter let you down
  • Ensure the planter is level and all components are well maintained and operational.
5. Plant when conditions are right
  • Have you got the green light for cotton planting this season?
6. Planting is an important operation "do it once and do it right"
  • Monitor continuously within fields, across fields and the property.
  • Ensure planting speed, depth and pressure are correct for the situation.
  • Use lubricant to assist seed flow.
7. Select the desired uniform plant population you would like to establish to maximise yield per hectare
  • Understand the impacts and adjust sowing rates accordingly for,
    • Low soil temperatures and forecast.
    • Establishment method.
    • Seedling mortality.
  • Planting a few more seeds is good insurance.
8. Reduce competition, control weeds early in the crops life and keep weed free
9. First irrigation is critical in ensuring desired growth rates at 1st flower
  • Closely monitor,
    • Soil moisture status.
    • Crop growth and development rates.
    • Temperature and rainfall forecasts.
10. Have the crop growing healthy at first flower
  • Create strong plant architecture.
  • Aim to have 8-9 NAWF at first flower.